About Dirt (index)

Dirt is a series of essays about a real life landscape project at my home in a gated community in Florida.

(one essay every couple of days until complete)

The Plan – all projects need a plan.
Dirt (more dirt) – we just need a little more dirt.
Shade or Sun? – which is it to be?
The Swing Set / Pergola Project – (coming soon) like, there’s a difference?
What is Gardening, Anyway? – (sooner or later) no other website is brave enough to address this issue.
Ponds, Water Gardens, and the Balance of Life – (sooner or later) need I say more?
Invasive Species – (sooner or later)  invasive plants, invasive us.
Ground Covers I Have Grown – (sooner or later) a jungle four inches tall
Garden of the Century (Plant) – (sooner or later) and you thought centipede grass was ugly !
The Final Chapter – (sooner or later) and the contractors moved the dirt.