About Poetry

Although classical, metrical, rhyming poetry is quite out of style with the public and with publishers at least two websites have been astute enough to publish my poetry. You can find my work at Boomer Cafe and at The Society of Classical Poets.

Here is an index of poems that can be found on this website.

Up Next – Television lures you in
Emerson in a World of Twitter – what would Emerson have thought?

Home & Garden
Composting, Composting – all about composting.
Pumpkin Pie Recipe Poem – a recipe in a poem format.

Key West (more soon)
The Greatest Pirate – he thought of himself as…
An Area of High Pressure – and you thought it was easy living in paradise.
He Died in the Keys – or did he?

Growing Up Boomer (more soon)
Giving Me Advice – everybody wants to

Terminal Travel – be calm…it’s ok…

I have also written poetry in the voice of a young child. You can find these poems at Wretched Rhymes of Young Whippersnappers.