Pumpkin Pie Recipe Poem

Small pumpkin properly preparedUse not the jack-o-lantern breed, think small,

one whose seed your Grandma can recall.

The winter squash will have less moisture, too,

and fibrous marrow will be less to chew.

Sculpt the scalp, and scrape the substance, empty.

Sit in water in baking dishSave those stringy, seeds for snacks so tempty.

Then set the hollow shell into a bit

of water in a baking dish to sit,

and bake a while until it’s soft, then you’ll

set it aside until it starts to cool.


Bake the seeds for snacks


The seeds from pumpkin center all will float

in water, then you dry, and then you coat,

and bake, with any seasoning you vote.




The pie crust, sad to say, you buy it frozen,

The pumpkin meat, not the skinunless the gods anointed you as chosen,

as one who luscious pastry shells can bake.

So from the freezer, frozen shell you take

to thaw. And while that’s thawing get your blender,

and to this rhyming mix you must surrender:

puree the pumpkin meat but not the skin,

and pour into a bowl and then add in

a cup of almond milk, or maybe soy,

a tablespoon molasses you’ll enjoy;

Blendsome maple syrup, and some cinnamon,

some nutmeg, allspice, ginger mixed as one.

Did I mention cornstarch, quarter cup,

and lastly some vanilla, a dollop.

Mix all ingredients until they’re blended,

and pour into the pie shell as intended.

Pumpkin PiePreheated oven to four twenty five,

and bake until ten minutes doth arrive.

Turn back the oven temp to three five oh,

in fifty minutes or it’s set, you’ll know

that you are done with pumpkin pie, although…


Compost Bin



Go now outside to compost, take the scraps,

and after six or seven months elapse,

you’ll have some pumpkin soil, next year, perhaps.


Previously published in Boomer Cafe in November 2016.

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