Breast Cancer Prevention

Cactus FlowerBreast cancer is one of the few afflictions in life that we accept instead of trying to prevent. Most of the Health Care Industry effort targets early diagnosis, treatment, and cure. None of which are prevention.

What if we, as a society, decided to treat other circumstances similarly.

If a large city decided that it cost too much to try to prevent violent crime they might cut back on the police force – too expensive and not very effective. Instead they might decide to provide urgent care centers on every block, staffed 24 by 7, by well trained trauma teams. After a mugging or a shooting you can be assured of quality, immediate, care including ongoing counseling, trauma therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgery, and drugs.

The city’s marketing campaign might go like this. “Nobody wants to be a victim of violent crime. But if you are, don’t you want the very best care possible? Come to ViolenCare. Our ambulances are roaming the streets of your town, right now.”

That is how we deal with cancer. Detect it early; get to the scene of the crime early. Research for better treatments: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, pills, vaccination. We are getting better at treating the victim and not doing anything to prevent victims.

Most of the popular articles on the internet tells us to prevent cancer we should watch our weight, eat right, walk thirty minutes a day, have a friend. As if we are the problem.

All the while we pump toxins into the environment, coat our bodies with poisonous substances, eat processed food treated with chemicals and tell ourselves that there is no proof that any of this causes cancer.

We spend more on marketing campaigns telling ourselves that there is no proof than we do to find proof.

It’s not in our best interest to figure out why we get cancer. It would cause massive disruptions in too many industries: chemical, manufacturing, utilities, cosmetics, food; possibly every company except iTunes.

No vinyl records means no PVC in the air or water. No manufacturing health problems associated with PVC. No need to study PVC as a carcinogen.

Maybe iTunes prevents breast cancer.

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