Dishwasher Awards

There should be an awards show for everyday people, doing everyday things.

Like mowing the lawn, or commuting, or cooking dinner.

How about: “Most Absurd Placement of Dishes in a Dishwasher.”

Have you noticed how some people load their dishwasher? Lots of people don’t even think when they’re loading it. They put cups and glasses on the bottom rack and then try to stuff pots into the top. What are they thinking?

And what are they thinking when they throw silverware loose on the top rack? There is a silverware holder in all dishwashers. Why don’t they use it?

It strains the imagination. There should be a Dishwasher Council. They could judge.

Do you realize there are people who do not know what to do with long handled serving spoons? I won’t even mention knives and ladles.

And then there are the complete idiots that place huge pots covering the main dishwasher sprayer. They wonder why nothing gets clean.

Putting one cup on top of another or one bowl over another – these people need to go to dish placement school.

Or, placing small items so they are sure to drop through to the bottom of the dishwasher.

Or, putting thin knives sharp end down so they go through and prevent the whirly thing from going around.

Or, putting plastic containers on the bottom and wonder why they melt.

Or, loading things that are not supposed to go into a dishwasher at all; like the cast iron frying pan or the Belik.

Or, jamming a pot so the handle holds the water discharge closed.

Or, using laundry detergent instead of dishwasher detergent.

Do some research. When you’re at a neighbor’s next time, peek into their dishwasher. Pretend you’re helping clean up. Even better, look in the dishwasher at the next party you attend. See what happens under more stressful situations to people you barely know.

The next award I’m developing is the “George Costanza Trash Receptacle Award.”

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