Dirt – The Plan

God did not plan a jungle. She planned a garden – the Garden of Eden. She placed a few plants. She scattered some fruit trees. She got on to other things – creation. Maybe later she added a plant or two, picked up in various places – some flower that caught her fancy.

The Plan (of course we had a plan!)But plants have their own ideas. Once they take root they want to spread; despite our involvement; despite our control. Great weeders are no match for great weeds. Weeds ultimately win. Chaos reigns. Roots expand everywhere. A dense layer of green provides shade protection for smaller, devious plants. Insects and slugs and frogs and reptiles hide beneath ground cover.

That’s what happened to us.

Originally, we developed a plan. We must have developed a plan. I may not have been completely aware of the plan. I may not have known the extent of my involvement in the plan. I many not have thought to ask. But we had a plan. I’m sure of it.

We owned a small lot in a gated community. Our neighbors all boasted immaculate lawns. Sprinkler systems watered the lawns. Lanais covered the in-ground pools. Gardeners tended the artificially mulched beds. We aspired to a more natural environment. Our yard would be simpler, would need less maintenance, less watering: a good ground cover, a few accent plants, a path with stepping stones, a pergola, maybe a little pond with some aquatics.

But first we needed more dirt.

(About Dirt)(Chapter 2 – More Dirt)

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