Character Building in the Keys

(a course for lost retirees)

Sunset Classes in the KeysAre you tired of being you? Is your life boring? Are you tired of watching people at a party gather around somebody else; listening to their stories? Have you been you for your entire life? Do you want to live your retirement as a more interesting person? In a more interesting place?

If you want to spend your retirement years in a warm climate being entertained and entertaining others, mooching off friends, acquaintances, and total strangers then attend our well known Character Building Seminar this July.

Everyone expects old people to be “characters” but that just does not happen by itself. We don’t all evolve into characters. Most old people are boring. The most exciting thing they do is back out of a narrow parking spot at the drug store.

Now, for those of you who are not fascinating characters, there is a course you can take.

There is no better place to take this course than in The Keys. Why? Because The Keys are full of characters.

CharacterCharacter Building seminars will open the door to living in your golden years.

These self improvement courses are an opportunity for you to discover your true character, learn how to be fascinating to others, and undo the behaviors that lead to a life of lawn mowing, drug stores, and doctor visits. We invite you to browse through the information below and join us in beautiful Key West.

Our motto: imitation, improvisation, and commitment.

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Course Outline: Character Building Topics

Conference Center LoungeObjectives:
You cannot be a character without a plan. We will guide you in making the decisions about who you want to be, what you want to eat, what you want to drink, where you want to stay, and who you want to hang with.

You cannot hang around the beach, boats, marinas or recreational vehicles without knowing the terminology. We’ll teach you to talk like you belong.

What impression do you want to make? Even if you don’t look like Hemingway or a swimsuit model your image goes a long way toward meeting your overall goals.

Clothing (dressing without pressing):
Everything you need to know to impress: from shorts and jeans to dress suits and sun dresses. If you think decisions about hiking boots, sandals, or flip flops are not well thought out – think again!

Scarves, hats, canes, and musical instruments! We cover all the considerations (do you really want to carry around that accordion?)

You will have an entire repertoire when you graduate from Character Building: accent and style, stories and songs. For instance, here is what you will learn about quotes: the use of quotes, quoting others, developing memorable quotes, stealing other’s quotes, public realm quotes, obscure quotes. All this to assure that people remember what you say and how you say it.

RV Park SettingTransportation:
We cover automobiles, busses, boats, recreational vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles; wheelchair, walker and cane.

We cover the serious differences in locale: beach, bar, boat, or bench.

Mooching – an economic science:
Who are your friends? Where will you stay? How will you get free food; free drinks?

We cover site specific mooching: waterfront and marina, bars, beach front. We cover everything from personal confrontation to texting.

Gender Specific Character Building:
While others tend to shy away from the sometimes awkward topic of gender in Character Building, we tackle the issue directly.

There are very few female “characters” despite there being more women growing old than men. Very few women can pull off being a character because of the very fine line between a “character” and a slut, white trash, or other ‘misunderstandings.’ With our help you can do it.

Guys: Do women tend to look through you like you don’t exist? Or do they smile at you like you are their dirty old uncle? Does your most charming tone of voice generate fear in their eyes?

Girls: Do you wonder how you are going to pick up men in bars when you are old enough to be their mother? Are you ignored when you feign difficulty applying sunscreen? When you dance on a table is what you see in men’s eyes, panic?

Moral Obligations:
You cannot be a character for just some of the time. You have an obligation to your community for continuity.

Who We Are

We here at Character Building have dedicated over 30 years to discovering what it takes to be a character.

Character Building is about not waiting any longer. It’s about seizing the character that you don’t have (don’t worry, we’ll teach you one). Our methods have been scripted and programmed to enable you to fit into any environment, society, or culture.

Make the choice to live the extraordinary life full of engaging stories, free drinks, and wasted, intriguing friends.

WConference Centerhere Are We

Our Character Building Center offers an attractive state-of-the-art venue where you will find your comfort level in various bars and lounges as well as benches along the side of the road and on boat docks.

Seminar classes are held overlooking golden sands and clear blue water. Sunset classes are held along wharves filled with commercial and private vessels.


What if I don’t have an interesting personality?
We’ll teach you one.

What if I don’t have ‘sea stories’?
We’ll show you how to make them up spontaneously.

What if I don’t have any talent?
Who does? Do you think Hemingway had talent? He drank and told stories.

What if I’m not a good conversationalist?
Conversation is not your goal.

What if I cannot dance?
OK, now you’re really annoying us.

What does Character Building cost?
What are you doing for the rest of your life?


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