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MushroomsUp Next

The TV entertainment news
technique has spawned the imitator,
expanding wasteland viewer blues…
Tell you later.

While content takes a second seat
to what they want you next, to know,
what’s coming up they will repeat…
Late in the show.

The evening news has learned to boost
the headline story that they sell,
with tag lines conjured to seduce…
And next, they’ll tell.

With little content in the show,
and little cause to stay awake,
they’re selling hope, they’ll tell you though…
After the break.

All entertainment, news, and sports,
their coverage up to date, despite,
it’s not on now, but more reports…
Tomorrow night.

Without an audience to spread,
the shows have nothing to achieve.
They’re selling you on what’s ahead…
You won’t believe.

Emerson in a World of Twitter

For Emerson there are some sites that Tweet,
and many of his quotes they doth repeat.
Though to us all his quotes he gladly gave,
he’s probably rolling over in his grave.

For limited his style of writing never
endeavored to be, nor attempted clever;
he always built a base foundation for us,
long, and in our day he’d probably bore us
with details that he thought to be essential,
significant, or especially consequential.

These days, hashtags take the place of thought.
Attention spans are measured down to naught.
When few enough words everybody quotes,
and network news pick up and then promotes
as thoughtful commentary for us all,
this, I suspect, would Emerson, appall.

In Nature he protested that we master,
our world by penny-wisdom; a disaster.
So even from the grave he’s not a quitter,
preferring Self-Reliance over Twitter.

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